Print Server using CUPS in Linux

CUPS ( is an open source printing system developed by Apple for UNIX-like operating systems and OSX.

Implementing a print server with CUPS could be simple or very complicated if integration with AD, LDAP is needed.

Here we will take a look on how we can share a simple USB printer across our network.

First install cups:

#apt-get install cups cups-client

If you have an HP printer you can also install hplip:

#apt-get install hplip

Modify cupsd.conf to allow administration on headless server

Listen serverip:631

# Restrict access to the server...

Order allow,deny
Allow localhost
Allow @LOCAL

# Restrict access to the admin pages...

Order allow,deny
Allow localhost
Allow @LOCAL

# Restrict access to configuration files...

AuthType Default
Require user @SYSTEM
Order allow,deny
Allow @LOCAL

Give cupsys user access to password file
adduser cupsys shadow

Hard part is over. In Windows add a printer and in port checkbox type http://yoursambahost:631/printers/yourprintername

Printer name is listed in CUPS GUI Queue Name.

You then have to provide with a printer driver. This could be either specific for your printer or
in HP a Universal Printer Driver (Postscript).


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