FTP using Unix Authentication in NetApp

For some reason this caused me some time to figure out how it is working so i thought i should share it.

Let’s say we want FTP access to a share created in a NetApp filer, using Unix authentication mode.

First thing we should do is create a qtree with unix authentication style and create a share on top of that.
Then we have to create a user that will have access to FTP. Set and remember the password here it will be needed later.
Enable SSH server on the filer and login using administrator credentials. Then type
options ftpd.enable on
to start the ftp daemon.
Now we have to make some changes on options.ftpd. So
options ftpd.anonymous.enable off
options ftpd.auth_style unix

Next step is what we really need.
In cli type

cifs passwd pass_of_previous_user

This will give you an encrypted version of password you have given. Copy this. Now open /etc/passwd file. It is better to have already setup Samba access to the filer. This will make following a lot easier.

This is where the FTP reads accounts of user that have access to FTP.
Below is a sample file with a user, his password encrypted UID, GUID and home folder.

ftpuser1:_J9..ywXw.P.8DaDE:10000:10000:FTP user:/home/ftp:
ftpuser2:_J9..HBWOGB1S3z0w:10001:10001:FTP user:/home/ftp:

Common mistake here is not to leave a new line character after the end of the file. This will cause the last account to not work.

Another thing to consider is the UID and GUID. It seems to make no difference so i have just entered the above.

Last check /etc/nsswitch.conf to be passwd:files.

Hope it helps!


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